A Perfect Gift for your Loved ones.

Personalize just for you. Whether it is newly wed couple, a Proud Scholar, Expecting Mother, New Born Grandson or the love of your life, it is perfect gift to keep all those moments alive forever...

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How is your 3D Selfie made?

Each 3D figurine is a combination of innovative technology and precision craftsmanship. See below for our step-by-step guide to creating your own 3D figurine.

Step 1
Trikolaa Tech Showroom

Visit our showroom or call us for an event for a scan. Alternatively send us your pictures online

Step 2
The Scan

Your 3D scan is ready in an instant thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D scanner and photographic technology we use in our showroom.

Step 3
3D Studio

3D artists perfect your scan by making a few final enhancements in our Mumbai head office.

Step 4
3D Printing

Cutting-edge 3D printers transform your scan, layer by layer, into a lifelike 3D figurine.

Step 5

When your 3D figurine has been printed we give it a finishing touch.

Step 6
Your 3D Figurine

Then it is packed and shipped to you.

Trikolaa is a leading company in 3D Printed Figurines in India. It also provides one of the best 3D Selfie in India & 3d printed figurines in India. In 3D printing, you can create your own 3D image for a nice collection. Your 3D figurine selfie can adore your shelf at home. With regular picture selfie, 3D selfie in India will slowly become a trend, you never know!

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