• Prepare your students for careers being reshaped by 3D printing technology. Combining in-depth lectures and class discussions with exciting hands on projects, your students will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to wiels this transformative technology in the real world.

30 Years

3D Printing have actually been around for about 30 years. Barriers like cost are breaking down, so they're now becoming available to the public.

Printed objects can be incredibly intricate. They can also be created with working components, hings, and parts within parts.

Printed Objects
  • revolutionizing

  • the
  • classroom

  • 3D Printing has caught the attention of education who are looking into ways to incorporate it into the classroom.

  • Using 3D printers in the classroom could mean
  • Biology student can study cross-sections of heart or other organs.

  • Chemistry students could print out molecules to study.

  • Auto class students could print replacement or modified car parts.

  • Cooking class students could design intricate molds for ices and gelatins.

  • Graphic design students could create 3D versions of their artwork.

  • Auto class students could print replacement or modified car parts.

  • Architecture students could easily print out 3D models of their designs.

  • Students in geography courses could print out maps showing the topography, population or demographics of an area.

  • Engineering and design students can print out prototypes of their creations.

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