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It slim in design which causes less fatigue if the users need to draw for a very long time. It's also the 1st 3d printing pen to have double click functions.
With an OLED screen, users can check the status of pen or receive a welcome MSG. Being able to be powered by power banks is one of the major advantage for this model. Also, if you need to switch filaments between ABS or PLA, all you need to do is simply press the unload button and temperature plus button.

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Powerfully designed to make your 3D printing professional. Print bigger and with a wide range of materials on the Triostar at a good speed.

  1. Color: white, purple, blue, yellow, silver
  2. Screen: Oled Screen
  3. Power Bank: Work with power bank
  4. Design: Slim body design
  5. Power: 5V/2A
  6. Working temperature: 130-240 degree centigrade
  7. Nozzle: 0.6mm. Ceramic nozzle to keep temperature the lowest.
  8. Speed: fast & adjustable
  9. Special features: double click load and unload automatically. Press temperature plus and filament unloading buttons to switch temperatures to fit for different filaments.
3D Printing Pen India
Best 3D Printing Pen in India
3D Printing Pen in India
3D Printing Pen in Mumbai
3D Priniting Pen in Mumbai
Best 3D Printing Pen

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